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The Hacienda La Esmeralda Family-Farm

The award winning Hacienda La Esmeralda family-farm has approximately 134 hectares in coffee production with 45 full time employees year round. During the annual harvest time, the farm swells to over 1,000 workers and their families. During this time, the Ngobe-Bugle, an indigenous nomad group, travels down from the mountains of Santa Maria, Aguacate and Louvain for seasonal work on the farm.

The farm focuses on sustainable farming practices. This means equal attention is spent, 1) producing high quality coffees, 2) being great land stewards and 3) investing in their employees. In 1987, major portions of the coffee farm were renovated and replanted. In 1996, the family farm successfully completed their very own on-site 'beneficio' (coffee processing plant). The farm provides fair wages, food, education, medical care and day care to their workers and their families. The mission of the farm is to provide high quality sustainable products, while striving to protect the environment and improving the lives of members of their community.

Why should you buy Direct Trade Coffees?

Direct Trade coffee relationships like this one provide a premium price paid directly to the farmer, so they can reinvest that money into improving their farming practices, products and the lives of the workers. At the same time, Boca Java can get access to very specialized high quality beans not available through traditional trade relationships.

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