Gilmore Girls Stars Hollow Coffee Club Gilmore Girls Stars Hollow Coffee Club

    • Luke's No-Nonsense Special
    • You can't expect fancy from a guy who wears a baseball hat & flannel shirt daily. But you CAN expect only the best served at his diner. A medium roast coffee blend with a full-body, citrus fruit and honey notes, sparkling acidity, a clean finish.
    • $7.99 / 8.0 oz
    • 5 reviews
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    • Mrs. Kim-Approved Dark Roast
    • Even Mrs. Kim can't bring herself to snub this dark roast coffee blend. A big-bodied coffee that's intensely bold and flavorful. You break, you buy!
    • $7.99 / 8.0 oz
    • 3 reviews
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    • Sookie's Gourmet Blend
    • A flavored coffee that even an amazing (& quirky!) Gourmet Chef like Sookie St. James can appreciate. This gourmet coffee combines the fabulous flavors of vanilla, caramel and Kahlua. It's so good you almost want to be "enscotched" in it.
    • $7.99 / 8.0 oz
    • 10 reviews
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    • Taylor Doose's Town Meeting
    • When Taylor Doose calls a Town Meeting, the one thing every Gilmore Girl fan must have is a gourmet flavored coffee that's smooth and creamy with just the right amount of toasted hazelnut. This meeting is adjourned!
    • $7.99 / 8.0 oz
    • 4 reviews
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    Choose from 5 coffees in a variety of roasts, flavors. Select whole bean or ground. Always roast to order and always fresh.

  • Coffee is Roast-to-Order
    We don't roast it until you order it. Our talented roasters have it down to a science. The result is a perfectly balanced, super fresh coffee.

  • Your Coffee is Shipped
    Orders are shipped the next day in our state of the art coffee bags that lets air out but not in.Your coffee arrives fast and fresh every time.
Do you take coffee with your oxygen?

If you stop drinking coffee, you stop doing the standing and walking and the words putting into sentence doing. Here's a few reasons why we think you should give us a try: 1. Unlike almost all other coffee companies, we are a Roast-to-Order coffee company and that means we only roast the beans after you make a purchase and then we ship it to you the very next day. Coffee at Luke's isn't this fresh! 2. We only use specialty grade 100% Arabica beans (with a shot of cynicism). 3. We offer a vast selection of choices from flavored coffees, light, medium, and dark roast blends, single origins and premium coffees like 100% Hawaiian Kona and Jamaica Blue Mountain. If you ask nicely we might ship you your coffee in an IV.

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