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  • 8 oz. Bag

    Available in regular or decaf, whole bean or ground.
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    An exquisite pairing of coffee beans from the Andes of Colombia and the high plateaus of Central Brazil, this coffee offers an aromatic, medium to full-bodied brew with a clean, bright and slightly sweet finish that is intensely pleasing to the palate.
    Our signature coffee is a sumptuous trio of Kenya AA, Colombian and Panamanian beans. Hints of sweet citrus round out this extremely bright blend, offering a clean, exceptionally satisfying finish. Simply one of the best coffees you will ever taste.
    An exotic mixture of high-grown beans from Brazil and Colombia, this coffee is one of our darkest-roast coffees. Extremely aromatic, it finishes with rich, satisfying hints of cocoa.
    Inspired by delicious flavors of the tropics, this coffee has a base that's full-bodied and complex infused with a combination of mouthwatering vanilla, caramel and decadent Kahlua. A delightful taste experience unlike any other.

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