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Certified Fair Trade Coffee

Certified Fair Trade coffee is special coffee that meets the requirements of Fair Trade USA. All of our coffee is sourced direct, ethical and sustainable and we are very proud of our Certified Fair Trade coffee. Fair Trade USA ensures that our Fair Trade coffee is giving the farmers fair prices, workers safe conditions, and entire communities resources for fair, healthy and sustainable lives. We always offer Certified Fair Trade coffee, but it may not always be from the same region, so make sure to treat yourself and help maintain sustainable, ethical gourmet coffee.

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It's simply the freshest coffee you can order. From bean-to-bag:
Ripe Arabica beans (called cherries) are harvested once per year.
Beans are then pulped, washed and dried in the tropical sun.
Dried beans are shipped to our Denver roastery in burlap sacks.
Our Roastmasters roast the beans at high altitude for more flavor.
Then, we bag our beans to keep fresh but still allow for degassing.
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