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Light Roast Coffee

Light roast coffee is best suited for mild coffee varieties where a darker roast would destroy much of the flavor from the origin. They have a dry outer shell since they are not roasted long enough to expell the oils. Lighter roasts have a more pronounced acidity and retain the most caffeine. We often choose a light roast for our Roastmaster's Select coffee since light roast coffee retains more of the unique flavors of the origin and that is what we are trying to highlight in these micro lot coffees. Some of our most special coffees are light roast, so make sure to not pass them over.

Our Coffee Beans

Sourced from the best coffee farms and farmers around the world.

Roast to Order

We freshly hand roast our coffee only after each order is placed.

Over 25 Coffee Flavors

We have the only gourmet flavored coffee selection found online.

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