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Terms and Conditions

Recurring coffee subscription orders (AKA Coffee Club orders) will include the 8oz bags of gourmet coffee that you selected, roasted-to-order, and delivered to your door at the pinnacle of its freshness. If you subscribed to items that were on discount, via promotional or one-time offers, including free shipping, then your first Coffee Club order will honor those discounts. All subsequent, recurring Coffee Club orders will be charged to you based on the everyday retail price of the coffees you selected minus any discounts on products and / or shipping for which you may be eligible due to the Coffee Club subscription you joined.

When you subscribe to a Boca Java Coffee Club you will continue to receive the same quantity of your chosen coffees, teas and cocoas in every auto-recurring shipment based on the frequency you selected when joining the Club.

The Boca Java Coffee Club is a worry free, set-it-and-forget-it home delivery coffee service. However, if you ever need to cancel your subscription, modify your selections, change your delivery frequency, skip a delivery or put the subscription on hold - for any reason - you can. You can manage your subscription settings online by logging into your account here or you can call our Customer Care Specialists at 1-888-BOCA-JAVA and we'll be happy to make any changes for you.

You have no obligation to remain a member of our Coffee Club after receiving your introductory shipment and there are no additional purchase requirements if you accept this offer. The only exception to this is if you have subscribed to a promotional customized Coffee Club that includes free coffee or a free gift. The promotional Coffee Club offers will clearly specify a minimum bag obligation prior to cancelling the subscription without an early cancellation fee. Early cancellation fees, if applicable, are equal to the number of bags remaining under the stated obligation multiplied by $7.99.

If you join a Coffee Club that includes Boca Bucks - a loyalty rewards program - the amount of Boca Bucks you accrue on each order is based on the rules of the particular Club, described on the landing page, where you joined. If you are a member of a Boca Java Coffee Club where you earn Boca Bucks on purchases you've made, you must maintain an active status in the Club to maintain your Boca Bucks balance. Active Status is defined as at least one Coffee Club (auto-recurring) order every 90 days. Discretionary, one-off purchases made outside of the Coffee Club subscription service do not count towards "active" club status. Coffee Club subscribers who earn Boca Bucks due to their membership in the Club will accrue Boca Bucks on all purchases they make, albeit recurring Club or discretionary orders, including: coffee, espresso, tea, cocoa, snacks, accessories and equipment. Boca Bucks will be calculated against the order subtotal, net of discounts and before any shipping charges, if applicable.

All Boca Bucks have a redemption value of 100 Boca Bucks = $1 USD. For example, if you've accrued 1000 Boca Bucks they can be redeemed for $10 USD in credit to be used on future purchases.

Because we are a roast-to-order coffee company with exacting freshness and quality standards, we do not resell returned coffee and therefore we only give store credit for returned coffee; however, if we send you items that are broken, defective, incorrect, or missing, we will re-ship the new item(s) at no charge. If we issue a credit, the first $25 will be applied to your Boca Java account as a store credit and the balance will be returned to your credit card. Your store credits will exclude shipping costs and are valid for 90 days from the date of issuance. If you cancel your coffee order after we begin roasting but before we ship your coffee, you will receive a store credit equal to 75% of the total order value, excluding shipping costs. All returns must be within 30 days of the ship date.

  • You can only accept one club promotion every 6 months.
  • Current members are not eligible for new promotional club offers that include a gift.
  • You may not use a gift card or e-certificate towards a promotional Coffee Club.
  • Promotion prices are subject to change.
  • All refunds are at Boca Java's discretion

We will attempt to charge your card the morning of your scheduled roast date. If successful we will roast your coffees that day and ship them to you the day after. If our attempt to charge your credit card fails, we will not produce your coffee that week and will re-attempt the following Monday. After four consecutive failed attempts to charge your credit card, we will place your club status "on hold." If your Club Account is placed on hold, you are still considered Active, your coffee subscription is not deactivated and we will continue to reach out to you for an updated credit card until you contact us and request the cancellation of your Coffee Club subscription. Only you can cancel or deactivate your Coffee Club subscription by contacting us via email, over phone or deactivating it yourself through the Manage My Accounts page online.

We participate in account update services. As part of VisaŽ and MasterCardŽ programs, banks may notify us of credit card expiration date(s) and/or card number(s). If you are a cardholder, we will automatically update information on file. If paying with American Express, auto-renewal on an expired/re-assigned card may be automatically billed by American Express using the new expiration date and/or card number without notification to us. Similar services may be supported by other card brands.