To all of our Boca Java coffee lovers,
As you may know, on Tuesday, March 31st we experienced a devastating fire that has left us with nothing but the brick walls of our 1927 Schoolhouse Roastery.
We pride ourselves in roasting the best coffee, and delivering it fresh to your home, your local grocery store, your favorite restaurants and your office on a weekly basis. While there will be an impact on our business with current orders, our customer relations team will reach out and communicate to those affected individuals and businesses as quickly as we can, while we work on solutions. We love and respect our relationship with each and every one of you and look forward to continuing to provide coffee for you in the future.
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"On behalf of my unit, thank you very much for the variety of Boca Java coffee. Your generous contributions were well accepted. The two boxes were immediately opened and different blends were brewed. I can personally tell you the fresh coffee hit the spot. As a former military member, you can relate to the importance of good smelling and good tasting coffee to get the long day started. Thank you again for the thought and the support. Rest assured we are engaged out here at the pointy end of the spear protecting the liberty and freedom of this great nation."

Cameron Braswell, USN
Command Master Chief of Checkmates

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