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Roastmaster's Select Guji Dimtu Estate Ethiopian Coffee 8oz Bag

An organic coffee sourced from the Guji Dimtu region in Ethiopia, Africa. Bright with lemon zest acidity and bold notes of sweet blueberries, honey, and graham cracker with a rich, satisfying finish.

Net Weight: 8.0 oz

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  • A Little Bit More About This Coffee

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    Organic Ethiopian Guji Dimtu Estate Coffeeis a washed micro-lot organic coffee from the South Pacific. Bright with lemon zest acidity and bold notes of sweet blueberries, honey, and graham cracker with a rich, satisfying finish.

    Organic Ethiopian Guji Dimtu Estate Coffeemay be from the birthplace of coffee, but is it a complex country when it comes to regions and identification A coffee can be identified in various ways, including region, zone, processing mill or simply by a local name. Dimtu Estate is located in the Guji Zone of the Oromia sub-region and lies within the Sidamo region. We love this coffee for its characteristically Ethiopian boldness and fruit qualities.

    Dried Processing

    Dry process seems simple: Pick the fruit, lay it out in the sun until it turns from red to brown to near-black, and then hull off off the thick, dried outer layer in one step to reveal the green bean. It is a method suited to arid regions, where the sun and heat can dry the seed inside the intact fruit skin.

    Heirloom CultivarsVarietal:

    The beauty of these is in their mystery. They are the wildflower varieties, descended from the natural coffee forests of southwestern Ethiopia. Each village has its own variety, handed down over centuries and shaped by the soil, elevation and weather.

    Boca Java Fresh Roasted Coffee Benefits:

    - All Coffee is Roasted to Order. We want you to enjoy coffee the way it was meant to be enjoyed, fresh and full of natural flavor. That's why we don't roast your coffee until after you order it!

    - Boca Java only sources from the top 2% of specialty grade Arabica coffees in a given crop year. We seek out the highest quality beans and use roasting techniques that bring out their fullest, most delicious flavors.

    California Residents: click here for Prop 65 Notice.

    Coffee with a Cause

    With 400 Million cups of coffee being consumed daily around the World, there's 400 Million opportunities to make a difference in the lives of coffee farmers. Boca Java promotes, believes in and practices sustainable and ethical farming and sourcing practices; Is socially responsible in everything we do; and is always 100% roast-to-order coffee. We don't roast it until you order it. This is the freshest coffee you've ever had.

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    Best Taste Ever


    I have tasted many different coffee from many origins and I can say this was the best I have tasted. It is one I will buy again and again


    York, PA




    Never had such good coffee. Can actually taste some fruit flavors in it. Made some in my French press after hand grinding it, for my coworkers. They were surprised it didn't need sugar and cream added to it. Will buy again. Truly amazing coffee.


    Fort Madison, Iowa


    Amazing After-taste


    Smooth, full-bodied coffee - each sip leaves you with the delightful taste of blueberries. Makes excellent espresso with a long-lasting crema. This product helped me convince my father that lighter roasts can also be good.


    Hartland, MI




    Grind beans in a Bodum grinder just before brewing. this coffee is right up there with our other favorites, 44 North Coffee [Maine], Allegro [small brown bags], and yes, some of the Starbucks beans.


    Hygiene, CO


    An Ethiopian Fruit Bomb


    This is by far the best Roastmaster Select I've ever had from Boca and I've had them all! Fruit Bomb!

    JBizzzle My Nizzle

    Boulder, CO


    I would buy again


    I have this coffee two or three times each week.


    Lubbock, TX




    Unfortunately, I felt the taste and aroma were bland and flat.




    Not my favorite


    Not my favorite for morning coffee


    Steamboat Springs


    Roastmaster's Select Guji Dimtu Estate Ethiopian Coffee 8oz Bag

    4.0 8


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