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Roastmaster's Select Hondo Mondo, Fair Trade Organic Coffee

A Fair Trade organic coffee sourced from Honduras. This light to medium roast coffee is fruit forward yet balanced with notes of brown sugar and dried apricot. Lively orange juice acidity with a smooth finish.

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  • A Little Bit More About This Coffee

    Roast Level



    • Varietal:Bourbon, Caturra, Typica
    • Processing: Fully washed, dried in sun
    • Altitude: 1,200 - 1,600 Meters
    • Aroma: Lively, sweet, juicy & clean
    • Region: Marcala, La Paz, Honduras

    Tasting Notes

    Fruit forward yet balanced with notes of brown sugar and dried apricots. Lively orange juice acidity, with a clean finish.




    Fair Trade Organic Hondo Mondo is a washed micro-lot organic coffee from the Marcala region of Honduras. "Mondo" is an Italian word used in reference to something very striking or remarkable of its kind. As this coffee region is often not top of mind when one thinks of coffee microlots, we thought it was only fitting to give this incredible find a heroic name to do it's flavor profile justice.

    Fair Trade Organic Honduran Marcala craft coffees are phenomenal in the cup. Lively, sweet. and dense yet super clean with hints of dried stone fruits, carmel and chocolate. This coffee is sourced in conjunction with coffee experts working abroad with specific small family-owned specialty farmers in sustainable Co-ops to produce an exceptional level of coffee quality through the planting, growing, harvesting, milling, and export processes. Coffee produced in the Marcala region has a protected designation of origin to preserve the renowned reputation of the Marcala brand.

    Fair Trade Organic Honduran Marcala Cooperativa Raose is sourced by Cooperativa Regional Mixta de Agricultores Organicos de la Sierra (RAOS), an association with 200 members who produce coffee on small family-owned farms in the Marcala growing region within the department of La Paz, Honduras Central America.

    Washed Processing:

    Washed (also known as wet-processed) coffee utilizes water and fermentation to remove coffee seeds from their cherries. After harvest, cherries are transported to a mill and first submerged in water. In this process step, the unripe cherries float to the top and are removed. Next, in the depulping stage a machine removes the skin and the pulpy layer beneath it. from there, the seeds are placed in fermentation tanks that soften and loosen the mucilage so it, too, can be removed. In the final stage, the beans are spread out and dried by the sun. When dry, the beans are ready for sorting, grading and bagging.

    Bourbon Varietal:

    Bourbon coffee varietals are grown in higher altitudes producing small and dense cherries with excellent cup qualities. Bourbon plants generally have broader leaves, rounder fruit, stronger stems and stand more upright than than Typica varieties.

    Caturra Varietal:

    Caturra plants are a direct mutation from the Bourbon plant. While similar, they are smaller, yield more fruit and ripen with either red or yellow cherries.

    Boca Java Fresh Roasted Coffee Benefits:

    - All Coffee is Roasted to Order. We want you to enjoy coffee the way it was meant to be enjoyed, fresh and full of natural flavor. That's why we don't roast your coffee until after you order it!

    - Boca Java only sources from the top 2% of specialty grade Arabica coffees in a given crop year. We seek out the highest quality beans and use roasting techniques that bring out their fullest, most delicious flavors.

    California Residents: click here for Prop 65 Notice.

    Coffee with a Cause

    With 400 Million cups of coffee being consumed daily around the World, there's 400 Million opportunities to make a difference in the lives of coffee farmers. Boca Java promotes, believes in and practices sustainable and ethical farming and sourcing practices; Is socially responsible in everything we do; and is always 100% roast-to-order coffee. We don't roast it until you order it. This is the freshest coffee you've ever had.

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    Deliciously different light roast coffee


    The description of this coffee is amazingly accurate. It has a slight brown sugar start and finishes with an apricot taste. Very smooth. I often put a dash of Ceylon cinnamon in my regular coffee (love the taste plus good for blood sugar balance), but this is so good, you have to leave it on its own. I enjoyed the first bag so much I just ordered four more.

    Pete the Coffee Lover

    Scottsdale, AZ


    My new favorite! The perfect coffee!


    I didn't expect to like this coffee even more than the regular fair trade organic single origins that I repeat buy from Boca Java, but Hondo Mondo is my new favorite. It's balanced, smooth, and well, perfect. As my only coffee maker is a French press, I can't speak to other methods but fail to see why this wouldn't be a great all around choice. Thanks Boca Java for making our holiday coffee memorable this season! I hope you keep Honda Mondo as a premium choice for us for a very long time.

    Indygo Child



    This stuff is delicious. I hope it never goes out of stock.


    This Hondo Mondo is delicious. It is absolutely superior to the Kona that costs twice the price. Thick syrupy creamy texture with warm chocolate, caramel, and vanilla flavors. Don't tell Boca Java bean ($$) counters but I would pay twice the price & be very happy.

    Coffee snob



    Yes love the aroma




    Willow Park,TX


    Roastmaster's Select Hondo Mondo, Fair Trade Organic Coffee

    5.0 4


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