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Baby Boca Medium Roast 10-Pack Sampler


A sampler of 10 of our medium Roast Coffees Read More

This 10-pack gift is a sampling of our four most popular Medium Roast Coffees. Included are a total of 10 Baby Bocas, our sample packs, each 2oz and perfect to brew one 8 cup pot of coffee. This coffee gift includes the following coffees:

Boca Mocha Java (2) This blend pairs two of the world's most sought-after beans: Javanese from Indonesia and Ethiopian, Yirgacheffe. This beautiful roast creates a rich bouquet and a smooth raspberry finish.

Cool Breeze Colombian offers the finest Colombian coffee with beans roasted to perfection and a hint of walnut, a hearty twist and a bright, snappy finish to complete this experience.

Boca Sunrise (3) This is our signature coffee; offering a sumptuous trio of Kenya AA, Colombian and Panamanian coffees. With hints of sweet citrus to round out this extremely bright blend, a clean and exceptionally satisfying finish will leave you craving just one more cup

Palm Beach Passion (3) This is a slightly sweet, remarkably smooth coffee with a rich, full-bodied taste that combines both light and dark roast coffees from South America.

All Boca Java coffees are made with the top 2% of Arabica specialty grade beans. Our Baby Boca Medium Roast Coffee 10-Pack Sampler gift is great idea for the coffee lover in your life who enjoys a medium roast, cup of Joe. This gift ships, ready to gift-and-give in an elegant box adorned with a stylish bow.

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We won't roast your bag of Boca Java coffee until after you order it, ensuring the freshest coffee possible. Each and every time!

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