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Ocean Drive Coffee Baby Boca


Central and South American beans. Read More

An exquisite, refreshing pairing of Arabica coffee beans from the Highlands of South America, that makes for an excellent breakfast brew.

Ocean Drive coffee is a light roast coffee that offers an aromatic, medium to full-bodied brew with a clean, decidedly bright and slightly sweet finish that is intensely pleasing to the palate. If you enjoy Ocean Drive light roast coffee, our Roastmaster suggests that you try our Cool Breeze Colombian Coffee.

A Baby Boca is a 2 oz sample of our gourmet coffee that brews one full 8-cup pot. Simply pour the contents of this small envelope into your coffee maker and enjoy 8 delicious cups of Boca Java Gourmet Coffee.

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We won't roast your bag of Boca Java coffee until after you order it, ensuring the freshest coffee possible. Each and every time!

A Little Bit More About This Sample Pack

Roast Level:



Varietal: Colombia, Bourbon, Typica
Processing: Blend of Washed/Natural
Altitude: 1400-1700 meters

Tasting Notes:

Medium Body

Nutty & Caramel Notes

Sweet Finish

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Customer Reviews

Loved it!


IT was a great pick me up in the morning, with a nice strong flavor that was not to bold.




Ocean Drive


Okay if nothing else was available but doesn't have any unique or special qualities.

Seaside Coffee Drinker

Friday Harbor, WA


Too much whiz and not enough bang


We drink pot's of coffee a day. We want our coffee to give a smooth but full coffee flavor. We want a good coffee zing. I would suggest this coffee to someone that likes a very light coffee and very little flavor.

Gee Coffee Lover

Las Vegas, NV


Ocean Drive Coffee Baby Boca

3.0 3