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Kenya Cruising Coffee Baby Boca

A medium roast, single origin coffee from Kenya with black currant and citrus fruits and a bright and tangy acidity

Net Weight: 2.0 oz

Sale Price: $2.50

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A Little Bit More About This Sample Pack

Roast Level



  • Varietal:SL 28, SL 34
  • Processing: Washed
  • Altitude: 1600-2650 meters
  • Region: Kahiriga Co-Op Murang?a County, Kenya

Tasting Notes

Black Currant & Citrus Fruits

Bright & Tangy Acidity




Luxurious and highly prized, our Kenya AA Arabica coffee beans produce this superb coffee with dry, winy character, often found in this African coffee-growing region. Our single origin Kenya Cruising coffee delivers a bright finish with a hint of black currant and citrus fruits.

If you enjoy our Kenya Cruising coffee made with 100% Kenya AA coffee beans, our Roastmaster suggests you also try our Ethiopian Highlands Coffee.

A Baby Boca is a 2 oz sample of our gourmet coffee that brews one full 8-cup pot. Simply pour the contents of this small envelope into your coffee maker and enjoy 8 delicious cups of Boca Java Gourmet Coffee.

Boca Java Fresh Roasted Coffee Benefits:

- All Coffee is Roasted to Order. We want you to enjoy coffee the way it was meant to be enjoyed, fresh and full of natural flavor. That's why we don't roast your coffee until after you order it!

- Boca Java only sources from the top 2% of specialty grade Arabica coffees in a given crop year. We seek out the highest quality beans and use roasting techniques that bring out their fullest, most delicious flavors.

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really really nice


unique flavor; very smooth and tasteful




Deep warm flavor


Wonderful delightful aroma.




simply amazing


This coffee is well balanced, but full of flavor! I could drink this everyday and never get tired of it. The aroma is strong and inviting, the tastes is simply amazing.


Grand Forks, ND


Good Kruise!


Kenya cruise is a good ride! Versatile coffee, good for morning or evening. Smooth coffee with a very SLIGHT hint of oak or earthiness? Very lovely and bold addition. Different take on a traditional coffee = just right for me. A "smooth buttery-like" mouth feel, lush earthy coffee taste (not acidic, nor burnt) and a clean aftertaste.


Madison, Wi




I just didn't like it. Boring, undistinguished--it just didn't stand out in any way. I was glad when it was gone.




Kenya Cruising Coffee Baby Boca

4.2 5


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