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Chemex Bonded Filters Pre-Folded Squares - White - 100 Count - FS-100

Chemex Bonded Filters Pre-Folded Squares - White - 100 Count - FS-100

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Chemex Filters Bonded, Pre-Folded Squares remove the finest sediment particles to make a full-bodied, richer taste, from less coffee without the bitterness. Guaranteed not to burst under the weight of liquid during filtration, and not to break when lifting out the grounds. These Chemex filters fit most other cone-shaped pour over coffeemakers & all Chemex Coffee Makers except CM-1, CM-1C, CM-1GH.

Chemex Coffee Makers bring classic styling and full, rich coffee flavor to your table. Start by opening the Chemex Bonded Filters Pre-Folded Square into a cone. Place the three folds toward the spout of the Chemex Coffee Maker. Start with one rounded tablespoon of regular-grind Boca Java coffee per 5oz cup. Pour a small amount of hot (but not boiling) water over the coffee grounds, just enough to wet them. Wait a few moments, until some water flows through the filter, indicating that the coffee grounds have had enough time to "bloom." Gradually pour the rest of the water over the grounds, them remove the filter and serve.

100 Chemex Filters Bonded, Pre-Folded Squares in White per box - FS-100

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These filters are the key to this pour over system


These filters perform better and beyond expectations of a regular coffee filter. My only prior experience had been with "Drip" type systems. The filters are thin and flimsy, that is how I thought all of them were. Not these, Chemex filters are thick to filter smallest of coffee dust that seems to be in the bottom of a cup when using the old type filters. A coffee shop I frequent brought out this Chemex system and made me a cup and I was hooked!

Caffeinated Cowboy

Phoenix AZ.


Gets the job done


I bought this with the Chemex, it does a good job.


San Ysidro, CA

Chemex Bonded Filters Pre-Folded Squares - White - 100 Count - FS-100

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