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Bodum Chambord 4 Cup French Press, Steel

Bodum Chambord 4-Cup French Press, Steel Lid

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The CHAMBORD 4 Cup French Press is a true original - the classic French press coffee maker designed back in the fifties. Produced with the same craftsmanship used way back when,this device will not disappoint.

The French Press system has always been the simplest and ultimate way of brewing an excellent cup of coffee. Using fresh coarse ground beans with water between 92 and 96 degrees celsius brings out the very best in all types of coffee.

The steel frame and lid, undergo several chrome plating processes to ensure a durable shiny surface that will last for many years of intense use. Since the fifties, our only change is Bodum's commitment to environmentally friendly manufacturing, which is important during the chrome plating process. The matte finish handle gives a comfortable grip and a classic look.

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I bought a cheaper product from somewhere else first and it broke after first use. This pot is unbreakable and the top closes and coffee grounds are able to be contained under the press. In comparison to the first one I bought - this one is EXCELLENT... don't waste your money on cheaper products.


Tennessee (florida transplant)


I Love the Bodum French Press!


Why did I wait so long to buy one? Years ago I tasted some of the Best coffee at the St. Regis and it was served in a French Press. I simply love the great fully flavored coffee.


Bradenton, FL


Boast for Bodium


The only thing that I am sorry about with the Bodium French Press is that I didn't get a larger one for guests. It did NOT disappoint me in the least. I don't know why I waited so long to try it




French Press is the BEST!


A French Press makes some of the best coffee ever. Much better than drip makers. The main problem is loss of heat. Once you master how to retain the heat, you will get the best cup of coffee you have ever tasted. Time consuming, however.

Java lover

Jonesboro, Arkansas


Coffee Press


I use a Bodum coffee press made of glass that is identical to the one shown. It produces some of the best coffee I've ever brewed. Not only is it super simple to make (a concern which kept me from trying a press for years) but it's extremely portable. I would highly recommend using a press when making coffee for just yourself. Indulge.


Jupiter Florida


It is an excellent product!


I use this product for tea and Yerba Mate.

The pres

Los Angeles, CA


a good cup of coffee quickly


I use my coffee press at work. The coffee is far better than the machines and it saves me $20.00 a week by using my own coffee. I don't get 4 cups from it, but then my mug is rather large. I'm buying another one for a friend who camps a lot. It will be perfect for him.


Meadville, Pa.


It's okay but I'm not excited


The directions suggest a coarse grind to prevent clogging the filter but then the coffee is too weak with a coarse grind. I finally switched to the pre-ground coffee from Boca Java and that works just fine. It warns against using boiling water so that makes it hard to get a hot cup. And, it requires twice the coffee beans of my "Brew N Go" coffee maker by Black and Decker.

Grandma Mae B.

Columbus, GA




was very dissappointed that this product was plastic--from YOU!! coffee people--had french press coffee in glass, so purchased this -very sad!

coffee nm

farmington nm


Bodum Chambord 4 Cup French Press, Steel

4.0 9


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