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Chemex Coffee Maker - 8 Cup - Classic Series

Chemex Coffeemaker 8 cup allows you to brew the best cup of coffee in style. The Chemex 8 cup Coffeemaker has been around for decades but has become one of the hottest, on-trend brewing methods at home and in craft coffee shops. If you enjoy single origin coffees or blends and you're willing to spend 5-7 minutes creating the perfect cup of coffee then the Chemex coffee maker is what you need. The Chemex coffeemaker is a great gift for the coffee lover in your life.

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A Little Bit More About This Accessory

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The Chemex Coffee Maker, 8 cup, delivers the purest taste experience by partnering ease of use with elegant design. Bring full, rich coffee to your table, without sediments or bitter elements with the classic Chemex Coffee Maker. Made of non-porous Borosilicate glass, the Chemex Coffee Maker will not absorb odors or chemical residues. It also allows the coffee to be covered and refrigerated for reheating without losing any flavor. The Classic Series Chemex Coffee Maker includes a polished wood collar with leather tie. Only use scientifically designed and patented Chemex Filters to guarantee the perfect cup of coffee.

How to Use a Chemex Coffee Maker:
Place your Chemex Filter into the cone (three folds towards the spout). Use 1 rounded tbsp of (regular-grind) coffee, our Roastmaster recommends Guatemalan Adventure, per 5oz cup. Pour hot (not boiling) water over the grounds, just enough to wet them. Wait until some water flows through the filter, indicating that the coffee grounds have had enough time to "bloom." Gradually pour the rest of the water over the grounds. Remove the filter and serve.

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A Few Tricks


I appreciate that brewing with this vessel is not as simple as a Mr. Coffee pour-over. IMHO the remarkable flavor difference is certainly worth the very minor additional effort. Three tips can enhance: Firstly, run a few ml of hot water through the filter, thoroughly wetting it. This rinses any filter taste our. Discard the water, then add the coffee grounds. Secondly, keep water temperature just below boiling (190F/90C). Thirdly, promptly remove the filter with used grounds when brewing is finished and substitute the glass stopper, it will keep additional oxygen away and keep the used ground from absorbing flavor. Simply toss the used filter and grounds into the trash. If you have a garden pour off the grounds to contribute to compost and soil ph. I have both a Mr. Coffee (work) and a Chemex (home). Same beans, same grounds, same municipal water supply, the Chemex brew is smoother, deeper, and more complex.

The Good Doctor

North Bay Wine and Redwoods

Awesome upgrade from my French Press


I've been using a french press for my home coffee for a few years now, lately i was disapointed with the results, but with the Chemex every batch of coffee is good, i been using it without a scale and still getting awesome coffee


San Ysidro, CA


Great product


I am very happy with this pour over coffee maker. Makes delicious coffee.




Chemex Coffee Maker - 8 cup


Make coffee

Steven Lee

Champaign, Illinois


Always love this!


Love it for years now adding another chemex


St. Augustine


So cool!


Got as a gift for christmas. So excited for my mom to open it!


Cincinnati, OH


Finally one4me


Results in Truly amazing complex flavors of coffee with a super simple process


Geneva, IL


Great Product for great coffee


Love my Chemex. Makes great coffee.


Birmingham, AL


Love this product


I'm still getting the hang of it but I can tell this coffee is going to be awesome. This was recommended by a friend and we finally bought it.

Dixie coffee lover

Black Wolf, WI


Excellent product


Quality product. Exactly what I ordered. Makes wonderful coffee.


Manhattan, Ks


best coffee ever


simple, quick, and easy. makes the best coffee you will ever drink.




Coffee tastes GOOD again!


No more burnt plastic taste! LOVE that we can actually taste coffee now! And it's easy to use, stores in the fridge for our iced coffees if we want. LOVE love LOVE it!


Lake Tahoe


Great product


I was glad this was recommended to me. I got rid of my single cup brewer because it left me with weak, acidic, and bitter coffee. I've only used this a few times so far, but I enjoy the coffee this brews! Though it takes some extra time, it's simple, effective and leaves your coffee with a less acidic taste and not a lot of bitterness. I've also found I like it to make my favorite kind of coffee, iced. Because it's a pour over maker, it's easier to cool down to make iced coffee.




Best Price


Chemex was great. Unbleached coffee filters are much better than bleached. Price was the best I found.


Coronado, CA


Simple and classic


Couldn't be more simple to use! I won't be going back to a drip machine ever again.


Western New York


best way to brew coffee


My favorite way to make coffee now. Taste is amazing. Just grind your favorite beans, use good quality water, make sure to bloom the grounds, and then follow the instructions. Perfect every time!


Exton, CA


Exactly as expected


The Chemex 8-cup arrived on the third day after ordering and is exactly what I expected. We drink about 7 cups in the morning before work, so the size is perfect. Yes, it takes a couple more steps than our auto-drip coffee maker, and yes, the flavor is noticably different! I do 3 water pours - a small initial bloom then two more full pours. Grounds disposal is easier with the square filters, and cleanup is just a clear rinse daily and once a week with soap. It's great!


Austin, TX


Chemex 8 cup coffee maker


Fast shipping on what so far seems to be a great product. Looks good vs something like a aeropress. Produces great tasting coffee. Easy to clean up as well. Cons would be that it takes little longer to have your coffee vs other methods. But it is worth it and you end up with 8 cups vs a single serving in say a aeropress




Best price online


Looked all over for the best price on a Chemex and I was delighted to find a great price along with a wonderful discount here on cyber Monday and I'm pleased to support a small indie online store like this one! My guy has been wanting a Chemex since I've been dating him and he is thinks I got him the "off brand" hahaha! He's going to be happy to find out what a great price I got!




Makes a Great cup of coffee!


Makes a great cup of coffee; the only negative thing I can say it is made of glass and is fragile.




Favorite way to make coffee!


The Chemex coffee pot is simple to use, put filter in the top, add your coffee (6Tbsp coffee/1 pot) and pour hot water right off the boil into the filter. It takes only a few minutes for a great cup of coffee. The only negative is that the filters are not sold at any old dept. store, so you have to order them online or if you have a William Sonoma, pick them up there. Other than that, there are no complaints! Highly recommended! We use this every day at work and people are constantly asking about it. It is a great conversation piece.

E.A.S.T. Caf



Chemex Coffee Maker


Pour over coffee I have found to be the best coffee experience when brewing. I was very happy to see that you had pour over merchandise. I bought the Chemex for my son, who loves coffee as much as I do and has taught me how to make a great cup of coffee. I will plan on trying some of Boca Java's coffee soon.


Rochester, New York


Replace the Pods


Chemex makes you love pour over coffee.


San Antonio, Texas


works slowly


Although it makes delicious coffee, the coffee is not enough greater to justify its use. In a blind taste test I doubt the Chemex-brewed coffee would beat coffee made in my inexpensive conventional Mr. Coffee electric drip machine. Using the Chemex coffee maker is a fussy, messy, time-consuming, labor-intensive proposition. Heat water in a separate vessel; pour the water over the grounds and allow them to BLOOM; slowly pour the hot water over the coffee; wait for the slow dripping to finish; have a place ready to receive the wet filter and coffee ground; pour the coffee; have a hot surface ready to keep the remaining coffee hot. For making coffee, I'm sorry I bought it. I make a detoxifying tea from ground cumin, coriander and fennel boiled for 10 minutes. I use the Chemex coffee maker to strain the tea.

Terry the Tenor

Boston Metro West


Chemex Coffee Maker - 8 Cup - Classic Series

4.8 24


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