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First Snow Coffee


A confection infused with sweet coconut, this gourmet coffee combines exotic vanilla with rich caramel for a memorable holiday treat. Read More

There's something purely magical about the first snow of the season! So go ahead, dive into a giant snowdrift and warm yourself up afterwards with a delicious cup of First Snow coffee. The whole beans in this coffee actually look like they, too, have been covered in a layer of pillowy snow for an added treat. (Note: if you order this coffee ground, your coffee will not have the white appearance.)

If you enjoy our First Snow flavored coffee, our Roastmaster suggests you also try our Tropical Kiss Coffee.

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A Little Bit More About This Coffee

Roast Level:



Varietal: Catura, Mundo Novo, Bourbon
Processing: Blend of Wet/Dry
Altitude: 1400-1600 meters
Aroma: Sweet Coconut, Exotic Vanilla, Rich Caramel
Region: Jinotega, Nicaragua, Cerrado, Brazil

Tasting Notes:

Full Bodied


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