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The Coffee Snob Gift Box

The Coffee Snob Gift Box is the perfect holiday gift idea for that high and mighty coffee drinker in your life who likes to try different single origin coffees, who knows why light roast coffees are the best and who likes to experiment with different brewing and preparation methods, like a Chemex.

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    According to Urban Dictionary a "Coffee Snob" is an individual who cares about what coffee or coffee mix drink they put in their mouth. A coffee snob is not OK with Starbucks, Tim Hortons, or Dunkin Donuts. A coffee snob would rather drink water than drink old coffee. An anal coffee snob will not drink the coffee if it needs milk or sweetener.

    Do you know someone who meets that description of a coffee snob? Is there someone special in your life who's been using a standard Mr. Coffee coffeemaker or a French Press and you've heard them talking about a Chemex coffeemaker? If so, the Coffee Snob Gift Box is the perfect holiday gift for that discerning coffee enthusiast.

    The primary reasons why a coffee snob will love this coffee gift is because Boca Java is a Roast-to-Order gourmet coffee roaster and that means we don't roast a single green bean until after the customer has ordered it. Then, the day after roasting it we ship the coffee to you or the gift recipient. This is a super fresh gourmet experience that cannot be found in a store or almost anywhere else. Additionally, Boca Java only uses specialty grade Arabica coffee beans that represent the top 2% of the Arabica crop.

    The Coffee Snob Gift Box includes the following items:

    • - One 8oz bag of our Roastmaster Select - Organic RFA Uganda Kaproron Honey. The Roastmaster Select is a quarterly program where our head roastmaster hand selects a highly rated, single origin micro-lot that is cupping extremely well and exudes the flavor nuances and profile complexities that a true coffee aficionado looks for in a lightly roasted, handcrafted single origin coffee.
    • - One 8oz bag of Kenya Cruising - one of our most popular and highest quality single origin coffees. Kenya Cruising uses AA specialty grade beans, roasted to a medium profile providing for a mouthwatering cup of coffee that features the most prized characteristics of an African single origin coffee, including notes of black currant, citrus fruit, with a bright and tangy acidity
    • - An 8 cup Chemex Coffeemaker which is the hottest, most on-trend coffee brewing method right now. Made of non-porous Borosilicate glass, the Chemex Coffee Maker will not absorb odors or chemical residues delivering a full, rich coffee to your cup without any sediment or bitter elements found with other brewing methods. The Chemex Coffeemaker delivers the purest taste experience by partnering ease of use with elegant design.
    • - A 100ct box of Bonded, Pre-Folded Natural Brown Square Chemex Filters giving your gift recipient everything he or she needs to start brewing immediately upon opening the gift box.

    • - A stainless steel coffee bean scoop since any coffee snob knows that you must dose, weigh and grind your own beans at home - just before brewing - in order to produce the perfect cup of coffee.

      When you're looking for that unique gift idea and you have a hard core coffee snob in your life, then this Coffee Snob Gift Box is the perfect solution! You'll be loved forever...or at least as long as the coffee lasts. :-)

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    The Coffee Snob Gift Box

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