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The Ultimate Coffee Gift Set

Ultimate Coffee Gift Set

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The Ultimate Coffee Gift Set includes six 8oz bags of Boca Java's most popular coffees made with the top 2% of handpicked, Arabica specialty grade beans and all the necessary accoutrements to enjoy the perfect cup of coffee, each and every morning.

One Bodum Blade grinder, the first step to the freshest coffee.

One Stainless Steel Scoop to measure the perfect coffee dose.

One Stainless Steel Travel Mug sure to keep your coffee piping hot, even on the coldest of days.

Boca Sunrise is our signature coffee; a sumptuous trio of Kenya AA, Colombian and Panamanian coffees, medium roast. With hints of sweet citrus to round out this extremely bright blend, offering a clean, exceptionally satisfying finish.

Boca Villa is a dark roast coffee, reminiscent of the rich, darker European style coffees. It has a heavy body and finishes with a hint of spiciness. Using only the top 2% of Arabica specialty grade coffee beans, Boca Villa creates a robust and intensely satisfying taste.

Light Up Las Olas is a rich and invigorating, dark-roast coffee that combines the best 2% of Arabica specialty grade coffee from South and Central America. Light Up Las Olas is one of our darkest roasted coffees, offering an extremely aromatic experience with rich, satisfying hints of cocoa.

Cool Breeze Colombian offers the finest Colombian coffee beans roasted to perfection. A rich hint of walnut, with a hearty twist and a bright, snappy finish completes the experience.

Boca Mocha Java is an exquisite pairing of two of the world's most sought-after beans. This beautiful roast combines Javanese coffee from Indonesia with Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, that makes for a rich bouquet and a smooth raspberry finish.

South Beach Rhythm is a unique blend of prized mountain-grown beans from the Andes and Talamanca mountains in South and Central America. This full-bodied dark roast coffee has a slight caramel taste, a subtle smokiness and a smooth, full finish.

The Ultimate Coffee Gift Set comes ready to gift-and-give in an elegant black box adorned with a stylish ribbon.

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The package is well packed and looks elegant.


Los Angeles

The Ultimate Coffee Gift Set

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