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Coffee Micro Lots

The Micro-Mill Phenomenon

The practice of micro-milling coffee started gaining popularity around 2000 and has grown dramatically in recent years.

Much smaller than the large mainstream farms, a micro-mill is a coffee farm that is independently run and deals directly with buyers, thus forming more of a personal "relationship" than the coffee monoliths can offer. The micro-mills produce more consistent, higher quality coffee beans as well, called "micro-lots"-smaller quantities of specific beans exquisite taste.

Roastmaster's Select

Limited-Edition Micro-Lot Coffee

Micro-Lot coffees are available on an extremely limited basis and consequently only at specific times of the year. We cupped numerous offerings and selected Costa Rica Lourdes de Naranjo, grown at the Finca Genesis farm, high on the Central Plateu on the Pacific side of Costa Rica. This coffee is grown by the Mendez family on their farm called "Finca Genesis" at approximately 4500 feet above seal level. These coffees are naturally sun-dried creating a sweeter, more full bodied coffee than your typical Costa Rican coffee, with far less acidity.

This coffee is often referred to as "miel coffee" or "honey coffee" in English because it's extremely rich and sweet aroma. The cup is extremely balanced, with sweet notes of caramel, cocoa and a floral finish.

We are only selling 500 bags of this most exquisite micro-lot coffee in a luxury gift, the Roastmaster's Select, with certification of our standard of excellence. Each is signed by roastmaster, and presented in a handsome wooden box designed in the spirit of these revered plantations. The gift also includes a small-scale replica of the woven burlap bags traditionally used for transport from the country of origin to our roastery, containing a sample of "green beans," which are beans that have not yet been roasted.

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